Mayrhofen/Ramsau · Zillertal · Tirol


You can reach the Bergchalets Klausner with the car all year long.
Please use some snow chains for your car over the winter.
There is a parking lot in front of the house.

Destination: 6284 Ramsau, Bichl 656
GPS-coordinations: N47°11.838´ / E011°52.909´

New: There is a ski bus stop in front of the bergchalets-klausner. The ski bus is running in the morning and in the afternoon.

Detailed description

A12 Highway – going of to Zillertal – to 8284 Ramsau (Ramsau is located in the back area of the ziller valley, just 5 minutes in front of Mayrhofen). Drive along the main street in Ramsau till you see the second traffic light (cross-walk). Turn left in front of the shop »Fristo« and follow the street till you see the company »Z-Bau«. Please turn right and follow the street to the little brigde. Just before the bridge turn left and follow the street up the hill. Follow this single-lane street till you see the Bergchalets Klausner with the parking lot to the left side of the street.